Download Resident Evil 4 ISO PS2 Highly Compressed
Resident Evil 4 Playstation 2
Resident Evil 4 was a pinnacle of effort on the part of Capcom. It is considered by many to be the best Resident Evil ever made, and the last one to stay true to its survival-horror roots.  The most notable changes from previous installments were the true-3D environments.

Taking advantage of this was a camera that now sat behind the player rather than at static angles. The enemies were also different, primarily consisting of "infected" rather than zombies.They could be just as frightening, and more dangerous with their ability to use weapons.

These features, along with the less popular Quicktime events, carried over into Resident Evil 5.  However, it's often said that RE5 was too far of a departure from its roots, despite being a great co-op game.  For most seasoned fans, RE4 is the last truly great Resident Evil.

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